5 Tips- The Mess Doctor's Orders!

20% Rule

Every drawer, basket and shelf should have 20% (or more) empty space.  Nothing stays clutter free without extra space for more of a similar item that will surely come out of your dryer  or come through your door soon. 

Touch it Once

Clutter comes from indecision.  Every item you own needs a clearly identified and easy to find home. When you pick in up or use it, you should easily know where it belongs.  Spend less time cleaning and hunting for those important items or papers. 

"Valuable Realestate"

Love shopping at wholesale clubs and getting a bargain?  Sure, we do too, but under our bathroom doesn't need to hold 50 rolls of toilet paper while we search for our hairbrush.  Use your most immediate space for the most important items. 

Color Your World

The use of color is an important tool in organization.  Colored folders, bins, stickers and sticky notes can aid our memories in organization success.  

Diagnosis Your Day

Start your organization by thinking of your daily routines.  Avoid the "Flat Surface Flunk" and other common mistakes by working with The Mess Doctor.

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